How To Make A Woman Orgasm

The Real Player’s will teach you everything you need to know to make a woman orgasm.  Read on to learn just how to make a girl orgasm…

Firstly, congratulations, you’ve come to exactly the right place!

This site has been written just for you and for all those thousands of men like you who are desperate to improve their sex lives.  It’s been difficult though, in amongst all of the BS articles out there, and the myriad of soft-porn sites claiming to be ‘informative’, you’ve managed to find the one place that aims to give men a simple, straightforward and technical understanding of the female orgasm. Now the first thing I want you to know, is that:

We’ve All Been There, So Don’t Worry!

So let’s begin dispelling the myths about how to make a woman orgasm but first let’s understand why we’re here – I know how it feels when that one night stand make no attempt to ask for your number the next day or when your girlfriend starts inventing excuses for not sleeping with you that night – ’she has a headache’, ‘she’s too tired’, ‘she’s not in the mood’.  Or perhaps, your a virgin and you’re  scared about how you’ll perform on your first time.  WE ALL WERE! After all, why shouldn’t you be? No one teaches you about female anatomy at school in a way that helps you prepare for the momentous leap forward which is having intercourse with a woman! Sex Education is never about ‘sex’ it’s always about safety and pregnancy.   So when it comes to performing, we’re left to our own devices, being good in bed is something which is just supposed to ‘come naturally’ to us!… BUT IT DOESN’T! the first time any of us have sex, particularly if it’s two virgins together, results in the usual awkwardness and anti-climax and as a result most men go through life having to try and learn by painful experience and failed relationships the sorts of things it is possible to learn beforehand.

So why is this? Why is there so little useful information out there!

How to make a woman orgasm is quite possibly the most important skill that a man needs to learn.  Learning how to sexually satisfy your other half in a relationship forms the basis of every strong and durable relationship.  Knowing how to connect your body effectively with a woman and ‘being sensitive’ to their differences requires you to take the time to learn about women AND none of that comes naturally! make a woman

It’s a sad truth that most men out there still do not know how to make their girlfriend or wife orgasm through sex and this ultimately leads to “no. sex” relationships.  Most men don’t see their sexual performance as a problem until  she suddenly starts saying no. sex tonight! BUT IT IS A PROBLEM BEFORE THEN! Is this good for us? Having to beg for sex? Feeling rejected? Feeling inadequate in the bedroom? All of that massively damages our fragile ‘pride’ and as part of a vicious cycle it means that you will be even less likely to be successful ‘ in bed, it may even mean that you start looking elsewhere to makeup for your feelings of inadequacy? COME ON GUYS! We can do better than that… make a woman orgasm

Now if you’re reading this I bet that deep down you’ve already started to think that you’ll never understand a woman’s body and how to satisfy it sexually BUT THAT’S SIMPLY NOT TRUE!  You can learn.  You can study. You can quickly adopt the techniques necessary to make that woman in your life orgasm.  It’s not that difficult, trust me.  I now know how to do it and you’d be amazed at what a few minor adjustments can do to your sex life! a woman orgasm

If there’s only one skill you master in life it should be how to give that woman in your life REAL pleasure!

…Because knowing how to please a woman is absolutely vital to the success of any relationship between a man and a woman.  This is the stuff that will ensure you’re having a fun and active sex life well into old age and it‘s the stuff that will ensure that neither your or her ever start to look anywhere outside your relationship in order to be satisfied because you’ve fallen into that trap of a no. sex relationship.  Knowing how to make a woman orgasm will give you the power to control your sex life and lead to increased desire on her part.  You’ll see a shift in her attitude towards you and your ability to get what you want out of the relationship.  In essence guys: make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm

“Knowing how to make a girl orgasm will increase yours and her happiness.” Through years of experience I know where you’re coming from and the good news is that I am here to cut through all of the bullshit out there to give you exactly the information you need to a make a woman orgasm. I am here to give you all of the little-known secrets about how to make a woman orgasm, whether you’re a virgin about to embark on their first sexual experience, or a middle-aged man who wants to please his wife as an anniversary present, the techniques are the same, you just need to listen… make a woman orgasm make a wo In recent surveys 70% of women still say that they are failing to orgasm during sex.

We live in a world of instant gratification where we can get almost anything we want, any time we want it and yet 70% of women still aren’t reaching orgasm through sex.  That struck me when I heard it, if that isn’t a tragic indictment of the male species then I don’t know what is?  Why is it that just a small minority of men in the world are still in the dark about how to make a woman orgasm? It’s simple BECAUSE of all this pernicious B.S. out there deflecting our attention away from the serious tasking of learning how to satisfy a woman! We waste out money buying crap from useless ‘experts’ and we end up no closer to reaching our goal.  It stops now guys! a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm  make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm

Thanks to the Internet it is now possible for me to share these secrets with you openly and honestly.  Whether your religion frowns on discussing intimacy or because you’ve read all of the bullshit printed online the simple fact is that it is ENTIRELY NORMAL to want to learn more about how to make a woman orgasm.  In fact, I COMMEND YOU! So few men these days even bother.  What you’re showing is that you are serious about learning how to make a woman orgasm AND any woman will appreciate that.

So what’ s the solution? Let’s talk honestly and openly, Man-To-Man!

The simple fact is that you know deep down that the foundation to every good relationship is an exciting and fulfilling sex life with your girl.  She knows it and you know it.  Wanting sex is a natural part of being human and here’s the biggest truth of all WOMEN WANT SEX AS MUCH AS MEN! In fact a lot of studies have shown that women think about sex more than men.  Amazing thought isn’t it? So why then that you have to ask her for sex all the time? That’s easy, because, you haven’t yet worked out how to make her orgasm, powerfully, explosively and regularly and now she’s bored of it, she’s saying “no. sex tonight hunny” and you’re wondering why?  Now no one, least of all me, is going to blame you for that because…  make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm


A Lot Of The S0-Called ‘SEXPERTS’ Are Full OF BS!

You know it, I know it, they know it! You type “how to make a woman orgasm into google” and the entire front page of search results is full of BS articles, largely written by people who have no idea what they are talking about.  Go on.  Try it.  Type it in, read them all,  It’s true!  You look at all of these articles and they aren’t telling you ‘how’, they are telling you how to be a perfect boyfriend.  “Buy her flowers“, “take her out somewhere nice”, “surprise her”, “give her a massage” AND those are just the better ones!  The worst example I’ve seen is on top rated Men’s Health site:  make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm make a woman orgasm

“What most of you probably didn’t realize was the importance of warm feet in increasing the likelihood of her experiencing an orgasm. According to Dutch scientists from the University of Groningen, the odds are increased by 30%.”


Is that really what counts as ‘advice’ from so called ‘experts’? Re-read the above.  What a load of rubbish AND this guys is what we’re up against!  Come on guys!…  Let’s see through all of this rubbish expert advice and tackle the issue head on.  In a simple practical way… as REAL MEN DO!

Most of the “keep her socks on” advice comes from people in the academic community not people who know from experience!

That’s why I’ve received e-mails just like this one:

“Hello, I am a woman who wants to make my sex life better. I find it almost impossible to have an orgasm during sex and was wondering if this guide would be useful to me? I am in a long term relationship and it’s something that bothers him! I have spent a lot of money on books that are supposed to help me learn how to orgasm during sex but none of them have been very helpful…

Michelle, OR”


Is that you or is that your wife? Have you spent a fortune buying e-books called things like ‘the zen guide to great sex’ or the ‘I got my PhD from Harvard so i’m going to rattle on about my obscure theory for three hundred pages!” I want to help YOU and YOUR PARTNER improve your sex life FROM TODAY and I want you to know how to make a girl orgasm 

! I get tons of these heart breakingly honest e-mails which all say the same thing, they say:


“Treat me like an intelligent adult and just give me the f*cking facts!!!”


“Hi, I feel slightly embarrassed about writing to a stranger on a website but I really don’t know what to do! I’ve been married to my husband for six years now.  At the start, the sex was great but since we’ve had children (who I obviously love to pieces!) I find it really difficult to reach orgasm and now he just gets upset when I don’t come… Do you have any advice for us? Will your guide be useful? Thank you, Lisa, NY”

So who thinks that conducting scientific ‘studies‘ and ‘trials’ with ‘test subjects’ is an effective way to understand how the female orgasm works?  It’s like the geek in a High School teen movie who tries to invent a potion in science class to make a girl fall in love with him!  There’s no magic potion and there’s no short cuts if you want to learn how to make a woman orgasm.  You simply need to learn the techniques.  If a product offers you a ‘magic potion’ or a ‘guaranteed three-step technique to make all women orgasm’ then be suspicious of it! When someone offers you something which is too good to be true – IT’S NOT TRUE! Equally 300 page books written by psychologists on the subject can largely be reduced down to about 10pages of fact and 290 pages of ‘how to communicate better with your girlfriend.’

And that may be fine, but the simple fact is… Improving your technique and your physiological understanding is the only way to learn. Sex Experts and people selling ‘Magic Potion’ products are simply idiots who have learnt nothing new since they were teenagers and spend their time making money by keeping men in the dark about the real ways to improve their sex lives.


All of my friends have already had sex and now I feel like i’m the last one.  My girlfriend has already had sex and i’m worried that I will be terrible at it… I’ve read all of the articles that come up in google about female orgasms and things but they’re really not very helpful on what specifically i’m expected to do!!! Any help/advice would be awesome! Thank you.”


Jeremy, CA”

I’ve Honed Down KEY TECHNIQUES THAT REALLY DO WORK To Help A Woman Reach Orgasm.

Here’s a FREE short g-spot position vid to get you started:



It’s not rocket science but it is to a degree, science but not the science of ‘keeping her socks on’ or ‘buying her a sex toy’ it’s the science of knowing within a millimetre Where To Place Your Finger, Knowing When To Use Your Finger Tip Or Your Tongue, Knowing All Of The Erogenous Zones And How to Stimulate Them Simultaneously.  In essence it’s about knowing the Practical Stuff that no one talks about!!!

I’m going to tell YOU exactly how to make a girl orgasm.  I’m going to tell YOU everything that I have learnt over the past ten years! I am going to give as many men as possible the knowledge to go out and make a woman orgasm!

If you just want to chat about these things or have any questions at all, or any questions about the Guide i’ve written, don’t hesitate to e-mail me.  You don’t have to get the guide, if you just want to find out a bit more, then why not drop me an e-mail and i’ll see if I can help? so go on, if you have a query just e-mail me, in confidence at:

So What’s The Secret I Hear You Clamoring?

“Hello, i’ve been married to my wife for two years now and i’m still not regularly making her orgasm during intercourse, we’ve tried creams, lubes, vibrators etc. and although she can orgasm when she masturbates or use a vibrator I can’t seem to help her orgasm just using my dick… I know it shouldn’t matter… But it sometimes does!

David, FL”

When I set out to write the Real Player’s system for helping men to give their wives amazing orgasms, the last thing I wanted to do was to create a woolly, padded 300 e-book full of the usual B.S. which would leave you turning the pages hoping that the secret will be on the next page AND it never is.

What I’ve done is broken down my knowledge into three short punchy Real Player’s Guide’s that are straight forward, highly informative and highly detailed.  Each of the guides you can read in just one sitting.

We all lead hectic lives these days and what I wanted to do was give you, the man who wants to learn, a series of guides and video’s that form a comprehensive system for understanding the female orgasm.   I want you to be able to read one of the guides and then go and practice what’s in the guide, that night with your wife or girlfriend, and to keep practicing and reading it until you feel like you’ve mastered the contents…

Then you move on to the second guide which covers a different part of the sexual repertoire and begin learning how to make a woman orgasm with a different part of your body.  By the time you have finished all three you will know, simply, and in detail how to bring the woman in your life to orgasm, using your hands, penis and tongue.  You will have a full and detailed understanding of female anatomy and you will be a master of using techniques to stimulate her to orgasm.  In essence you will be a man who can make any woman orgasm naturally using just the tools that God gave you.

So the the Real Player’s System starts from a simple premise: All you need to start helping make a woman orgasm is to take the time to read, learn and practice techniques.  Those techniques are what the Real Player’s guides aim to teach you, in each you’ll find:

  1. Full and detailed understanding of female sexuality; and
  2. A set of precise techniques which you can perform with your partner to make her orgasm.

In each guide we will repeat the erogenous zone and vagina classes.  These give you the grounding necessary for understanding how a woman works in a biological sense and therefore form the basis for understanding how to make a girl orgasm.  So first you’ll learn how a woman’s body works and then you’ll learn how to manipulate it to orgasm through a series of unique and highly effective techniques which have been developed through experience with hundreds of women.

Think about it like learning how to write a symphony.  You will never achieve it unless you understand all of the component parts and how they fit together.  That’s the basics.  Once you master this you can then learn the techniques necessary to put together your girls very own orgasmic symphony.  That’s step two.  You have to learn these things.  There’s no short cuts and NO MAGIC POTION!

The Real Player’s System draws on the experiences of hundreds of different women to give you a clear, ‘no bullshit’, unambiguous understanding of female anatomy and the female orgasm without all of the rubbish and padding that comes with most e-books on the subject.  Each of the guides is short and simple but they are explicit in detail without ever being pornographic.  They are designed so that you could read them in just 30 minutes (a working lunch) and then go home that night having learnt both what you may be doing wrong at the moment and how to correct it.

So each Real Player’s Guide is designed so that you could read through it on your lunch break and start practicing it that night.  That’s what i’ve created.  A real hands on tool for the working man!

So what’s in the Real Player’s System?


In this guide you find everything you need to know about the dying art of bringing a woman to orgasm using just your fingers.  Fingering a woman to orgasm is by far and away the simplest, quickest and most effective way to bring a woman to orgasm but it is one of those skills that men spend the least amount of time thinking about or learning.  Ask yourself this question – when was the last time you brought your wife or girlfriend to orgasm using just your hand? If you aren’t starting sex by doing this – why not? A woman who orgasms once is most susceptible to more orgasms and that means both orally and penetratively! $25

In this guide you will find step by step diagrammatic detail on how to bring the woman in your life to orgasm using just your tongue.  Developing an effective oral technique is crucial to a successful sex life.  For a start many women consider oral sex to be more intimate than penetrative sex.  There are therefore trust issues involved with letting a man go down on them and if you don’t know how to bring her to orgasm using your tongue then she will doubt (and reinforce her insecurities) about your ability to make her orgasm during penetrative sex.  Being a master of oral sex, again, is not difficult.  It is simply about knowing a few easy to learn techniques and positions that stimulate the right areas of a woman’s vagina. $25

This guide is all about learning how to make a woman orgasm using just your penis.  It’s about techniques and positions that both heighten her enjoyment and make it more likely to bring her to orgasm.  It sets out in easy to follow detail a basic ‘plan’ of how to bring a woman to orgasms using a variation on missionary and goes on to explain in step by step detail how to put her in orgasm inducing positions.  It covers both Clitoral and G-Spot orgasms in detail and is intended to be the culmination of the Real Player’s System.  You learn how to use your fingers and tongue first during foreplay and then move on to the holy grail of being able to make the woman in your life orgasm every time using just your penis. $30

So the Real Player’s System is broken down into three easy to understand and use guides that together give you a comprehensive understanding of how to bring the woman in your life to orgasm…

If you purchase the Real Player’s Guides individually it will cost you $80.  But FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY (offer ends January 2016) you can purchase all three for just:



So for the same price as six beers you’ll get a comprehensive system for understanding the female orgasm.  You’ll get three detailed and highly effective guides which will give you all the tools you need to make a woman orgasm.  Each guide will give you the techniques, positions, explanations and diagrams to give you a masterful understanding of how to bring that woman in your life to an absolutely mind-blowing orgasm using your tongue, hands and penis.

Each of the guides is broken down into a simple easy to understand format and includes step-by-step diagrams to build up your understanding of female anatomy and the techniques that you should perfect to bring a woman to orgasm.  Some of the things in it, you may already know, or at least you may think you know but the huge value of this books comes in the open and honest techniques, tips and step-by-step explanations on how to perform in each of the following ways: 1.) Fundamentals – foreplay and how to stimulate a woman’s primary and secondary erogenous zones effectively 2.) Oral – a step-by-step diagrammatic guide including the main do’s and don’ts, variations and combinations you can perfect in your own time. 3.) Fingers – again the emphasis is on showing you exactly how to use your fingers, where to place them and how to combine them into an effective and orgasm inducing strategy;

4.) Penis – a step-by-step basic ‘strategy’ guide covering foreplay techniques, erogenous zone maximization and positions that increase her pleasure.  There is an additional chapter providing step-by-step guides one how to perform certain positions, including close-missionary, doggy-style which is best for her, and the G-spot maximizing position.

The Real Player’s System is a comprehensive, clear and practical set of guides (in Pdf format) containing everything you need to know to make a woman orgasm!!!

Don’t believe me? Well see what those people said:

“Wow, each of them were graphic but they worked! I gave them to my husband, just as you suggested, he read each one and then we spent a night trying out all of the positions and techniques you described… I orgasmed while I was on top of him which was amazing and the first time in years that it’s happened, your tips for him really did work! Thank you.  A great buy he said he’s going to be studying all three of them hard ;)!

Lisa, NY”

“Tried two of the positions you recommended in the Real Player’s 30 Minute Guide.  He did exactly what you told him.  I came each night in two different positions… THANK YOU!

Michelle, OR”

“I read the Real Player’s Guide to Oral first and it really made me realize that i’d been doing something wrong! It’s not all about hitting the clitoris… go figure! So I tried to take in all of the information in just that guide and it’s like studying for the world’s best biology exam! I still haven’t had sex with my girlfriend yet, wanted to read up first on each of the guides etc. but they are certainly giving me the confidence to know what i’m doing! I might not be amazing the first time but at least I know how to become amazing… Thanks. Highly recommend it to anyone in my position!

Jeremy, CA”

“I have to say… and to my surprise… one of the positions you described did actually work!!! My wife orgasmed last night and told me it was one of ‘her most powerful orgasms in years!’ Don’t know if that was an exaggeration but quite simply, it made me feel great! Worth the money  just for that feeling… I’m going to read through each of the guide’s now from cover to cover… thought I knew the anatomy stuff but you make some good points i’d never considered! Thanks anyway.

David, FL”


Check out this review of the guide published by an independent website!

Remember if you have any queries at all about what's in the system or whether or not it's really for you why not just drop me an e-mail at:

In a nutshell, why you should purchase the Real Player’s System:

  • It offers you the most detailed, practical and useful set of ‘man’s friendly’ guides on the market today.
  • They are written in a form that you can read over your lunch break and begin practicing that night.
  • They combines visually accurate visual step-by-step analysis with highly detailed descriptive explanations of what to do.
  • They give you ‘millimetre’ detail on where to place your hand, tongue and dick and exact advice on how to use them to bring her to orgasm over and over again.
  • They gives you a highly focused and accurate understanding of exactly where and how to use your body to stimulate a woman to maximum effect.
  • They aren’t padded by bullshit chapters on ‘romance’ and ‘psychology’ or ‘which socks work best’.  That are practical manuals for men who want to really learn how to please the women in their lives and that is what a ‘real’ player is.

So, if you’ve exhausted all of the BS advice out there and you finally want to get your hands on something which is a highly informative and practical manual t0 improve your sex life tonight then the Real Player’s Three Part System is for you…




That’s right simply e-mail me at:, tell me why it didn’t work for you, and i’ll give you an immediate full refund!

Now you can get all three for just $29 


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